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†† Getting financial aid? Waiting for that next paycheck? We know you have homework and tests, and youíve got to have your textbooks to do it. With our deferred payment method,you can order your books and pick them up today and pay for them when your money comes in. We hold your payment until the third week of school to make sure you are ready!

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Serving the Richland Community College Community

445 Walnut St Ste 109
Richardson, Texas 75081
972-234-TEXT (8398)

Serving the Collin County Community College or Collin College Community


6100 K Avenue Ste 117
Plano, Texas 75074
972-424-TEXT (8398)

Serving the University of Texas at Dallas Community


561 West Campbell Road Ste 201
Richardson, Texas 75080
972-907-TEXT (8398)